North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together


Celebration Assembly

Gold Book

Our special Gold Book celebrates children's effort, attitude or behaviour. Children whose names are to be entered into the Gold Book are sent to the headteacher and receive an invitation for a family member to attend celebration assembly. During this assembly, they also receive a special certificate and gold headteacher's sticker. Their name and the reason for celebrating is recorded in the Gold Book which is available to view online.

Reading and spelling all the tricky words

Once children have learnt to read every set of tricky words and are ready to move on to spellings, a member of their family is invited to celebration assembly where they receive a special certificate. When they have learnt to spell every set of these words, they again receive a special certificate and an invitation.

Achievements and awards outside school

Many children are involved in clubs, hobbies and associations. As a school we aim to encourage and celebrate these individual talents and achievements and are happy for your child to bring any award into school where we will present it and celebrate together in celebration assembly.


We celebrate each child's birthday in class. Birthday weeks run from Monday to Sunday (inclusive). Children stand at the birthday table where they are sung the birthday song and receive a special clap, birthday sticker and a card. They also get to blow out the birthday candle!

Other Celebrations

Topic Champions

At the end of each topic, children who have tried their best and worked really hard with a topic will receive the award of topic champion. Again the number of children achieving this award is not limited, but by it's nature, the award will be given to a select number of children who have excelled in achievement or effort during the duration of the topic. In general, there are at least two topics per half term and so there are plenty of opportunities for each child to succeed. We aim to make our topics as varied and interesting as possible to capture the interest and imagination of all children.

Star of the Day

Each class has two special star of the day badges that chosen children wear for the day. Children can be chosen as star of the day for all sorts of reasons including good work, effort, behaviour and attitude. At the end of the day, the child returns the badge and is given a special "Star of the Day" certificate to take home.

Stickers and other class rewards

All staff in school use a variety of stickers to reward children for work, attitude or behaviour. Stickers are used at the discretion of each member of staff and are an additional motivating reward for children they can proudly display on their jumper for all to see! In addition, staff may use a range of other rewards such as marbles in a jar or mini certificates. Speak to your child's teacher if you would like to know more.

Golden Bones

Each class can earn Golden Bones weekly and the class with the most Bones will have a visit from Monty that week. Children can earn a Golden Bone for bringing their PE bag all week, another Bone for being on time all week, a third for having no warnings all week and a further Bone for being at school all week. Dinner ladies also award a Golden Bone each day to their class if they have a good lunchtime and line up properly. Finally, a staff member can award an individual or class a Golden Bone for other achievements — unless it is their own class!


Each child has an individual target set to help them improve their work. When children have achieved a number of targets (10 praise points in Year R, 15 targets in Year 1 and 20 targets in Year 2), they receive a special target certificate in class/year group assemblies to take home and share with their family. A family member is again invited to this occasion.

A Final Note...

Please remember that our policy is to celebrate and reward personal effort and achievement. The staff will always consider and be looking to recognise individual achievement and effort fairly. This does not mean that all children are rewarded in the same way for the same reason as they all have different strengths and talents. What may be easy for one child proves particularly challenging for another and at times the level of effort and hard work involved may not be immediately obvious. As a school we recognise the importance of celebrating each others' achievements as well as our own and are always proud of and positive about these.