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Tricky Words

Our Tricky Word system is used to help children read and spell. This web page can be used to help reinforce the Tricky Word paper system used in class - click here* for details.

We only expect the children to learn 6 tricky words at a time and to know these securely before moving on (this means they have to have known the word three times in a context). When learning the tricky words, the children will remember them more easily if they play games with them and put them into sentences. Try learning them in a random order, otherwise the children will memorise them in an order but not recognise them in context. Please do not "rush" through the tricky words as we want children to learn these securely and they will do this at their own rate. Children need to learn to read all the tricky words before learning to spell them and when all the sets are learnt we celebrate this with a certificate in Celebration Assembly.

Tricky Word Set 1 is shown below   

Click the left and right arrows to change words