North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together


Governors aim to help the school provide the best education for each and every one of its pupils. The Governors are all volunteers and have several main responsibilities. Together with the Headteacher and leadership team, Governors lead the school, setting the vision and establishing the right culture to drive forward improvements to ensure the best life chances are secured for every child.

We do this through:

Setting Strategic Direction

  • Ensuring a clear vision is in place
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Meeting our statutory duties

Creating Robust Accountability

  • Demonstrating accountability for teaching, achievement, behaviour and safety though support and challenge
  • Strengthening school leadership
  • Performance managing the Headteacher
  • Contributing to school self-evaluation

Ensuring Financial Probity

  • Ensuring effective use of public money
  • Ensuring solvency and effective financial management
  • Ensuring effective use of pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning

The Governing Body does not:

  • inspect the school
  • have involvement in the day-to-day running of the school
  • authorise all expenditure
  • decide which pupils will be admitted to the school
  • decide how pupils are taught individual subjects

The full governing body meets once every half term and sub-committees look at more detailed aspects of work and advise the full governing body on decisions.

North Baddesley Infant School Governing body is made up of representatives from the authority, staff, parents, and community. Parent and staff governors are elected from the relevant bodies arranged by the Headteacher. The governing body nominates co-opted governors as a whole and the Local Authority (in our case Hampshire County Council) nominate the education authority governors. If you are interested in becoming a governor, please speak to the Headteacher Mrs Lashmar, or the Chair of Governors, Ms Perry. For further information, please refer to the Hampshire County Council Governor website.

Each Governor is elected for a term of 4 years.

Chairs and vice chairs of committees and FGB are elected on an annual basis.

Mrs Rebecca BailiffCo-opted Governor
Mrs Jessica EyreParent Governor
Mr Mike HiscockVice Chair, Co-opted Governor
Mr David JonesCo-opted Governor
Mr Richard KimberCo-opted Governor
Mrs Carla LashmarHeadteacher Governor
Ms Nicole PerryChair, Co-opted Governor
Mrs Gemma PorterParent Governor
Mrs Joanna TuttonCo-opted Governor
Mr Dave WilsonAssociate Governor

Structure of the Governing Body

NameCategoryAppointed byTerm of Office (no. of years & end date)Committee membership/TeamsResponsibilities and governor championsVoting Rights (if Associate Member)
Carla LashmarHeadteacher
Stacey TileyStaff GovernorStaff404/10/2019Community
Curriculum & Standards
Richard KimberCo-opted GovernorFGB409/12/2018Resources
Arts + DT
Forum Representative
Health and Safety
Nicole PerryCo-opted GovernorFGB409/12/2018Resources
Curriculum & Standards
Pay Committee
Geography, RE
Healthy School & PSHE
Chair of Governors
Joanna TuttonCo-opted GovernorFGB420/01/2019Resources
Pay Committee
Chair of Resources
Becky BailiffCo-opted GovernorFGB425/03/2019Resources
Music, PE
Jessica EyreParent GovernorParent election419/11/2018HT Performance
Healthy Schools
Early Years
Gemma PorterCo-opted GovernorFGB429/11/2020Pay Committee
Curriculum & Standards
Mike HiscockLA GovernorFGB418/05/2019Resources
Curriculum & Standards
HT Performance
Vice Chair of Governors
Pupil Premium
Forum Representative
Development and Training Governor
Safer Recruitment
David JonesCo-opted GovernorFGB428/11/2020
VacantCo-opted GovernorFGB4
VacantParent GovernorParent Election4
Dave WilsonAssociate MemberFGB131/08/2017Community
Healthy Schools + PSHE
Yes, for committees/teams
Cristina MitchellClerk

* Governor left the governing body

Register of Governors’ Interests

NameName of Business*
Nature of BusinessNature of InterestDate of Appointment or AcquisitionDate of Cessation of InterestDate of Entry
Carla LashmarStaff member22/09/2016
Richard Kimber22/09/2016
Nicole Perry22/09/2016
Joanna Tutton22/09/2016
Becky BailiffStaff member22/09/2016
Jessica Eyre29/11/2016
Gemma Porter22/09/2016
Mike Hiscock22/09/2016
Dave Wilson22/09/2016
Stacey TileyStaff member22/09/2016
David Jones29/11/2016


  • governor elsewhere (include school name)
  • related / married to member of staff (include staff name)
  • employed at school

Click here to view the Statement of Financial Expectations.

Click here to view the Best Values Statement.

Meeting Attendance

NameNumber of meetings the governor should have attendedNumber of meetings attendedAttendance rate (%)Number of meetings the governor should have attendedNumber of meetings attendedAttendance rate (%)Number of meetings the governor should have attendedNumber of meetings attendedAttendance rate (%)
Carla Lashmar 7 576 350  N/A N/A N/A
Richard Kimber 7 7100 N/AN/AN/A
Nicole Perry 7 7100 N/AN/AN/A
Joanna Tutton 7 7100 66100N/AN/AN/A
Becky Bailiff 7 686 600N/AN/AN/A
Jessica Eyre 7 7100 N/AN/AN/A
Gemma Porter 77100N/AN/AN/A
Mike Hiscock7 7 10066100N/AN/AN/A
Stacey Tiley66100N/AN/AN/A
Dave Wilson771006466N/AN/AN/A