North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together


old school

North Baddesley Infant School first opened on 25th March 1876. In those days the population of the village of North Baddesley was said to be approximately 67. At this time the school’s proper name was The Chilworth and Baddesley National School.

Originally the building consisted of one classroom until a second was added almost 20 years later in 1894. The school has since been extended in the 1950s and 60s and most recently in 1999. The school became an infant school in 1969 when North Baddesley Junior School was built.

old school

John Dibble, the first headteacher, received an annual salary of £100 per annum plus a free house and coal and his house adjoined the school. He retired in 1920 after 44 years' service.

To date, there have been 10 headteachers including the present head. Mrs Chambers is the only headteacher in post to have married and changed her name during this time.

There have been many notable events and occasions during the school’s history but one of the saddest was when tragedy struck on 13th November 1882 as a sudden gust of wind blew Matilda Smith’s clothes into the classroom fire. She was so badly burnt she was taken to the Infirmary where she sadly died two days later.

On a happier note, North Baddesley has many things to celebrate. The school’s most recent claim to fame is winning the Ocean FM’s Xmas Factor competition, beating many other local schools to scoop first prize and have a special CD made.

The school has seen many successful pupils pass through their doors, but none so famous as Keith Harris (probably most well known for his loveable green duck, Orville) who attended the school for a year in 1952, performing his first play with us!

The school continues to remain a central part of North Baddesley and actively welcomes the wider community through a range of different events and opportunities.