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Learning Behaviours - The Gem Project by Dr Tom Robson

Dr Tom has been working with us over the last year to help us develop effective learning behaviours and consider how learning, memory and emotions are inter-related and how this impacts on achievement and a love of learning. These behaviours link to our core values of respect, resilience and independence.

Some of the key learning behaviours are summarised below and are linked to a gem based reward system. Each gem is related to a particular learning skill set which are in turn related to a set of behaviours and feelings. The behaviours and feelings are generated by a number of neurotransmitters which either enhance or impede our ability to learn. The project helps children understand that they are in charge of their feelings and behaviours and with practice can gather more gems and sparkle even more.

Summary of learning gems:

Diamond gem

Diamond – being responsible and able to identify a problem, e.g.

  • I try to solve my own problems without asking an adult
  • I use strategies I have been taught to help me when I am stuck
Ruby gem

Ruby – supporting others, e.g.

  • I help others when they have a problem
  • I praise others when they do well
Emerald gem

Emerald – being courageous and sticking with it even when it gets tough, e.g.

  • Brave enough to have a go with my learning even though I know I might make a mistake
  • I learn from my mistake and “bounce back”
  • I can stay calm even though I have been upset or angry
Sapphire gem

Sapphire – keeping focus, e.g.

  • I keep on task even though there are lots of distractions
  • I can fight off monster distractions
Amethyst gem

Amethyst – cooperation, learning with a partner (this applies all the other gem powers to work with a partner), e.g.

  • I share ideas with my partner using good speaking and listening skills
  • I take turns to listen and then share my thoughts
Topaz gem

Topaz - collaboration, learning in a big group (this applies all the other gem powers to work with a team), e.g.

  • I share at least one idea with the group
  • I take turns to share ideas