North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together

Our Approach to Learning

Every child is a unique individual who learns in their own way, at their own pace. We are sensitive to these needs and aim to inspire children to achieve their potential. We want children’s learning to:

  • be fun
  • make sense to them
  • be valued and meaningful
  • be child-centred
  • be motivating and challenging
  • equip them for the future in order for them to become independent, enthusiastic and confident lifelong learners.

We provide a creative curriculum and stimulating learning environment in order to achieve these goals.

How will my child benefit from being at North Baddesley Infant School?

We work as a team to provide a happy, safe, secure environment for learning. Your child will be valued, praised and celebrated for their efforts and achievements – big or small. All classes are mixed ability although pupils may sometimes be grouped for some lessons. Teachers provide exciting “hands-on” learning opportunities that challenge thinking. Work is always planned at the appropriate level for each child and our aim is for pupils to become confident, motivated, enthusiastic learners for life.

Teachers employ a range of teaching strategies and techniques within the classroom according to the subject being taught and the needs of the children. These include whole class teaching, group teaching, teacher or child led activities and one to one work.

What happens if my child is able or talented?

We are committed to providing enrichment and extension opportunities for pupils who are exceptionally able or particularly talented. A full copy of our policy is available from the school office and our Headteacher and SEND (special educational needs and disabled) Leader would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have.

What happens if my child needs support?

Approximately 25% of pupils will need some form of learning support at some point in their school life. This may be because of physical, learning or behavioural needs and may be short term or more permanent. We use a range of methods to monitor and diagnose children’s needs and involve parents in this process as part of our ongoing good practice.

Children with identified Special Educational Needs (SEN) have specific targets to help them progress and additional provision and support to help them achieve these. This support can be given within the classroom, but small groups and individuals can be withdrawn on occasions when it is thought appropriate. These targets are carefully monitored and parents are regularly updated as part of our commitment to working together to support learning.

Occasionally, children need the support of other agencies from outside school and we work very closely with a number of providers in education, health and social services. A full copy of our Special Educational Needs policy is available from the school office and our Headteacher and Learning Support Leader would again be very pleased to answer any questions you may have.