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TED Teams

TED Teams

What are TED teams?

TED stands for Together Everyone Decides and this is an important part of our ethos at North Baddesley. The TED teams are one of the ways in which we give high priority to pupil voice and involve the children in school improvement. The children have to work together as a team with school staffing teams, other TED teams, other pupils and with the wider community, including other schools and settings.

How many TED teams are there?

We have 3 teams for Environment, Healthy Schools and Teaching & Learning, and these mirror our school staffing teams of the same name. You can click on the links below to see the action plans for each of the TED Teams:

What do TED teams do?

Like our School Council, the Ted team members work on school and team improvement agendas, meeting both as a discrete team and, where appropriate, joining in with the staffing teams to discuss issues and make suggestions and improvements. They are also actively involved as working parties and have visited other schools in the local area to undertake a "learning walk" and identify good practice that we could use to help us improve different aspects of the school. The children always make lots of good suggestions and many of these are now reflected in our classrooms and other aspects of our work!

How are TED teams chosen?

TED team members are chosen annually from children in Year 1 and 2. The process starts during the end of September with a special assembly to explain the roles and responsibilities* of the TED Team members. The children then choose which team (if any) they would like to be part of. Children are then selected for interview – the interviews are held in groups – to help the Senior Leadership Team decide how well children understand the role and what they can offer. Successful children are then chosen for the team by the middle of October and this is announced during one of our special celebration assemblies. We also feel it is very important to celebrate the children who weren’t successful as they have shown effort and interest and a willingness to contribute to the wider life of the school. We do this with a special letter home that can be shared with their families. Children who are successfully chosen will sign a special contract which explains their role in more detail.

Please click on one of the links below to view a TED Team Contract:*

When do TED teams meet?

On average, TED teams meet once every half term but may need to complete other activities or be part of other working parties or school meetings during this time. Their agenda consists of school improvement work and they have a very important part to play in the suggestions they make, ideas they share and the work they do.

*You will need a program installed on your computer to view this file which is in PDF format - if you do not have one installed already, click here to download one.