North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together


The school uses semi-cursive letter formation which has lead-out strokes in preparation for joining once formation is correct. Correct formation of letters is essential and should be achieved before children start to join - click on a letter below to see how to write it!

We also use a range of activities to improve children's fine and gross motor skills and strengthen the muscles required for writing, enabling your child to adopt the correct "pincer grip". You can support this at home through activities such as:

  • squeezing play dough
  • squeezing water from sponges (especially at bath time)
  • scrunching paper
  • throwing objects
  • bead threading
  • popping bubble wrap
  • playing games with clothes pegs
  • tearing paper into strips
  • lacing and sewing boards
  • picking up small objects such as marbles, raisins or beads between the thumb and forefinger and placing them into containers
  • drawing in shaving foam or whipped cream with a finger
  • playing with finger puppets
  • using a typewriter, keyboard or piano
  • doing up buttons, zips or laces
  • pressing beads or poking holes into Playdough using each finger in turn
  • cutting Playdough using a knife or pizza slice