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North Baddesley Infant School

An OFSTED Outstanding School!

North Baddesley Infant School is an Ofsted outstanding school!


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Gold Book

08 Oct 2015:

  • Matilda S: For showing respect: by always listening to others
  • Finley L-S: For showing independence: by always completing tasks
  • Emily F: For showing independence: for completing all of her tasks
  • Alice A: For showing respect: for being a kind friend
  • Lacie T: For showing independence: by helping a friend in need
  • Amy N: For showing independence: for showing independence
  • Michael V: For showing respect : for showing an improved attitude to learning
  • Katie P-K: For showing respect: for excellent teamwork
  • Amy P: For showing respect: for excellent teamwork
  • Lillian B: For showing respect: for showing fantastic team skills
  • Joshua W: For showing independence: for a positive attitude to learning
  • Jasper W: For showing respect: for looking after his learning resources
  • Oliver R: For showing resilience: Oliver continued to practise reading until he had finished the whole book and didn't give up.