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North Baddesley Infant School

An OFSTED Outstanding School!

North Baddesley Infant School is an Ofsted outstanding school!


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Gold Book

25 Sep 2015:

  • Nishika G: For resilience: resilient attitude to her learning
  • Oliver C: For independence: being independent in his learning
  • Liam H: For independence: thinking before asking a question
  • Amy P: For respect: valuing the golden rules and respecting her environment
  • Polly T: For respect: always being keen to learn and having a great attitude
  • Jessica A: For resilience: settling in so well to school
  • Pine Class: For respect: lovely behaviour on the school trip to Arundel Castle
  • Maple Class: For respect: lovely behaviour on our school trip
  • Kieron B: For respect: setting a great example to others
  • Jasmine T: For resilience: Starting at a new school where she knew nobody
  • Isobel K: For independence: Settling into school so well
  • Kyla B: For respect: by being kind to others
  • Alexander H: For independence: in Discovery time
  • Molly D: For independence: in Discovery time
  • James W: For respect: by being helpful to others