North Baddesley Infant School

Happy, valued and growing together

Caring For Your Child

Pupil welfare and safety are of paramount importance to us. We want children who attend our school to be happy, healthy, safe, confident and ready to learn.

A Healthy School

We are continuously working to make our school a happy and healthy place.

We have achieved the Healthy Schools status and teach pupils the importance of a healthy balanced diet and encourage them to walk to school. Good manners are reinforced at our lunchtime "Top Table"

Playtime buddies help children who use our playtime "Friendship Stop" and "Thumbs Up Club" teaches children how to play games together. Our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant also helps children who need support to manage and cope with their feelings.

What happens if my child needs medication?

We are only able to administer medicines prescribed by a doctor. All medicines need to be taken to the school office and a permission slip completed. We do not allow children to keep or administer their own medicines or take cough sweets or other such over the counter remedies.


We take security very seriously and the school is protected by an intruder alarm, CCTV and door entry systems. The school building is secured during the day and visitors can only enter via the main office using the intercom and CCTV system. An internal door with controlled electronic access prevents any visitors accessing the rest of the school without authorisation.

All staff, governors and parent helpers/volunteers are CRB checked before they are able to work in school. All visitors, including helpers are asked to report to the School Office, sign the visitors’ book and wear a visitor’s badge.

We ask that parents help us keep the site secure by always closing and securing the gate as they leave.

Caring For Each Other

Good behaviour and conduct is an important part of our school ethos. We ask parents to work in partnership with us to help children learn the responsibilities of being part of the community and a good citizen and the rights they have. To do this, the children have created Golden Rules which form the basis of our behaviour policy.

What Are the Golden Rules?

These rules describe our expectations of behaviour in school. They are simple and straightforward and have been written and agreed by the children, staff and Governors.

The rules are displayed around the school and we set an example by being caring, considerate, fair and calm towards others. When children first start school, they are taught what the rules mean and how to keep them. Many parents find it useful to use these rules at home too.

How Are They Kept?

We have a positive approach to behaviour management. Good behaviour is praised and rewarded and we expect a high standard of behaviour and conduct at all times during the school day, including off site visits. There are many opportunities for praise and rewards at North Baddesley. However there can at times be a need to use sanctions and we will not tolerate deliberate or persistent rule breaking. Our behaviour policy explains this in more detail. In addition to this, the school has policies for racial discrimination and anti bullying which are available upon request from the School Office.


To help children settle in, they are paired with a “buddy” from the year above. A buddy is there to look after children at key times of the day such as playtime and help them with any worries or questions they may have. All our buddies have been trained and we hope that children will find them to be a source of comfort and support if they are ever worried. There is nothing quite as reassuring as a friendly face!

Preventing Bullying

We pride ourselves on our caring, friendly ethos and we foster a culture of respect for each other and ourselves. We actively work to create a school community free from bullying and teach children to behave responsibly. Any reports of bullying are dealt with according to school policy. Please contact the School Office if you wish to view a full copy of this.