North Baddesley Infant School

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Helping In School

Can you invest a small amount of time to help your school get the best from its children?

Whether it’s regularly each week, or just occasionally, we need volunteers who can come into school to help us Family volunteer helpers are part of what makes North Baddesley Infant School so successful in our local community.

Could you spare some time to get involved in your school? There are some great reasons for doing it:

  • "Volunteering to help with some of the admin in school has really helped to keep my office skills up to date, and keeps me in touch with other parents and children."
  • "I go in to school for a couple of hours each week on my way home from work to help children with paired reading. The staff showed me how to do this, so I’ve learnt a new skill and I love seeing how the children improve with their reading."

What do people do already?

  • Volunteers already enjoy reading with children, perhaps for an hour or two a week.
  • Others share their skills in after school clubs or during class time – could you help children with gardening, cooking, sewing, music, foreign languages, art & craft?
  • Some help on school trips or with admin tasks in school.
  • Sometimes people enrich the children’s learning by talking about their jobs.

But we always need more help! What would you like to help with?

If you think you can offer the school some support just come along to the office.

If you’d like to talk a current volunteer helper about what they do, just let us know and we’ll find someone to chat to you about it. If you want to know when Parent Council meetings are, just ask or watch out for dates on our newsletters, web site and Twitter feed.

We can put you in touch with a parent who already comes along to the meetings if you’d like to know more.

All helpers are CRB checked before they can work with the children and the school office organises that.