North Baddesley Infant School

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Sport Premium Statement

Sports Funding 2016-17

The government has provided £150 million per year over the last few years for primary school sports funding. The funding is being provided by Departments for Education; Health; and Culture, Media and Sport.

The money will go directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of Sport and PE for all children in school. The grant for North Baddesley has been delegated as follows for this financial year:

  • Total eligible pupils: 210
  • Grant paid in April 2016: £3583
  • Grant paid in October 2016: £5017
  • Total grant for academic year: £8600

To continue to develop the sporting opportunities and provision in place at North Baddesley we have allocated the funding to be spent in the following areas this year:

  • £500 spent on transport to sporting events.
  • £500 to support and run after school club.
  • £500 for participation in local sporting events and competitions through Personal Best Education. (PBed)
  • £1500 for the upgrade of and purchase of new sporting equipment.
  • £3500 to replace and upgrade the facilities in the hall e.g. climbing frames, wall bars etc.
  • £500 to be spent on sporting taster sessions.
  • £1600 to buy equipment and improve opportunities for children on the playground at break and lunch times.

With the continued development and expansion of the school, we have chosen to spend a large part of the budget to upgrade and buy new sporting equipment both inside and outside of the school. This includes equipment that will be available Throughout the building project. We intend to invest future money on the development of the playground for all pupil’s sporting opportunities post build project. This will improve the number of opportunities that the children will experience while at the school.